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Coparenting With The Universe®

Aug 10, 2022

In this episode we talked about using the power of itention to support us to create and progress toward what we REALLY want.

My guest, April Wyatt has been coaching people on living with intention for years.

I resonated with her so much that we could have talked for hours.

You will hear about the role of the body in our healing journey. 

You know how we prioritise this aspect with Tapping in our circles.

You will learn about the relationship between attention and intention and more...

About April:

April is a wellness advocate, since 2009 she has had the opportunity to support individuals and groups across the nation as well as internationally to promote wellbeing. With April’s unique skillsets a sacred space for healing is created as she provides gentle guidance to support mental, physical, and emotional states by supporting the mind-body connection.
“I am honored to be of service and support others on their healing journey. My intention is to
meet people where they are at with kindness and compassion, which allows for expansion to discovering their true essence of being. This is where healing begins, from the inside out”.
April is a graduate from Drake University with a degree in sociology, minor in psychology -with special interest in health psychology. She also holds a Reiki Master certification through the International Center for Reiki Training(ICRT), certified for in-person and on-line for BioDynamic Breathwork (BBTRS) and sound healing.
You can listen to April’s podcast Living With Intention through Mind Body Sprit.FM :
Living With Intention – Independent Podcast Network
Connect through her website:
WhatsApp: 515.710.0064
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