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Coparenting With The Universe®

Aug 26, 2022

Hypnotherapy is a powerful resource.

In this episode we clarified some myths about hypnosis. For example, how it won't take control of you to a point where you will no longer have free will .

We covered the value of hypnosis and several ways it can be used to heal your life.

You will hear about Mark's own story and some of his struggles such as a very vicious inner critic that were healed with hypnosis.

About Mark:

Mark owns a Diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, a Diploma in NLP and CBT. He has spent several years learning about psychology and philosophy, he has studied and learnt from many teachers at several locations these include Birbeck, University of London.

In the past he struggled with self-confidence, anxiety and CPTSD. He used hypnosis to help himself and massively improved his life through his studies of hypnotherapy, NLP, Mindfulness, EFT and CBT.

He has helped numerous people to stop smoking with the use hypnotherapy, He can also help with weight loss, phobias, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, law of attraction, confidence, business success, wealth creation, self-esteem, blushing, insomnia, public speaking and more.

Connect him at:

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