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Co-parenting With The Universe™

Dec 29, 2021

In this episode I cover the most common block number #3 that I see parents being affected by.

This is even about a whole approach to life itself and our relationship with the concept of The Law Of Attraction.

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Dec 25, 2021

In this episode I share a EFT charged meditation to let go of everything and anything that is not supporting your highest good and start paving a high vibration way for the upcoming year.

Blessings and Merry Holidays! 

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Dec 17, 2021

In this episode I covered the most common block #2 that I see often with moms wanting to co-parent with the Universe.

This one is related to the "how to".

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or in the...

Dec 8, 2021

The Universe is always available to guide and assist us but there are common blocks that can prevent us from tapping in this marvellous power.

In this episode I cover the first one that I see often with moms and I present you with a way to dissolve it.

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Sep 7, 2021

In this first episode you'll have the opportunity to:

Learn what is the Co-parenting with the Universe™ approach

Hear the story of how feeling like a horrible mom and ending ending up in depression brought me to "do" life in completely different way, where co-parenting with the Universe was the only way out to...